by Your side

2008-11-09 | 17:54:06
From the moment You came into my life,
I've seen things diffrently.
Not always from the dark side like before,
but from the bright and good side.

Never thought I'd feel again,
feel the darkness fade and see the morning sun arise

You set my soul on fire,
a fire of pure friendsship, hope and love.
Can't you see it in my eyes,
that there's nothing that I wouldn't do for You.

Looking down into those eyes,
I know I'll be lost and never found again,
Lost in a wonderful place where the sun never fades away.

When I loose myself I think of you,
because You're worth so much to me.
I just wanna say to you,
that I am by your side.
whatever happends I am by your side.

Postat av: Isabell

Fin blogg :)

2008-11-09 | 17:58:27 |
Postat av: Cissi

Naaw tack va söt du är <3

2008-11-09 | 20:50:05 |

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